Virtual Fluff

How will this virtual conference work?

Although many details need to be worked out, here is some of what we have in mind:

Talks will take place in real time (using Zoom Webinar or its equivalent) but will be recorded and posted to the conference website for the convenience of participants unable to join that session. Questions will be submitted using a chat mechanism, and then read by the session chair and responded to by the speaker during their allocated discussion time.

Poster authors will be asked to prepare three things: a one minute/one slide ‘blitz' presentation video; a five minute standalone poster tour video; and a viewable poster. The blitz presentations, edited together, will provide an overview to the session, and together with the poster and tour will be accessible to participants online from the start of the meeting. Poster authors will interact with participants during their session using to-be-determined virtual hosting software.

Interaction during virtual coffee-breaks will take place using the Gather.Town platform or something similar.

We welcome your feedback! Please of any virtual meetings you’ve attended, especially things that you thought went well or did not.